Advantages of Green Building Material in Construction

Author: HIL LtdYou have heard about the sustainable development. It means that the development and environmental safety should go parallel. The building science has always tries to upgrade its functionalism and work culture in order to have an eco friendly construction. This is not a solitary task. It is performed and executed with team work like design, maintenance, renovation, operation, construction, demolition etc.
We know that there is lots of updation and advancement requires in terms of building and architectural engineering in order to acquire excellence. But the basic concept green building material used in green structure is to take care of human environment and health due to the impact of building structure.
The green building has the great quality of conserving energy, durability, cost effective and eco friendly nature. To construct these building we have to take care of using efficient energy, water and other resources, decreasing the waste materials, pollution ,maintain the environment fully hygienic and always should concern about the labor and workers.

We need to know that the nature of natural building is always concerned about using natural materials. Moreover it is attentive to the concept of sustainability which is termed as using the current resources by present generation without diminish the availability of resources to future generation. But it is natural that question arises that why we need sustainable kind of development the answer is in the past scenario, we know that fossil fuel is not a renewable resources, we need to use it balanced way . The crises of energy (fossil fuel) in 1970s, this concept of green building movement is organized and implemented in order to fetch more energy efficient and eco friendly structures of building. They have the motto of economic, social, environmental progress.
In between all the process it is also very important to not to decrease the standards of construction and uses required skills and ability to reduce incessant use of energy and material that cause an negative effects on the environment and human health. So it has the good concept of using renewable sources like sunlight through active and passive solar, green plants and tress rain gardens, using low impact building materials. All over there is the notion of having energy efficient, environmental efficient, resources efficient, avoid the vast uses of non renewable recourse and meet with that mechanism which allows to prepare suitable balance between the environment or human health and development and industrial growth, in order to preserve these resources for future generations.
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