Affordable House Designs

Dream home does not always have to necessarily luxurious. The housd can also be made based on some kind of budget, including cost-effective. However, we must be clever maneuvering to get a dream house which is not in cheap-style.

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building Afford`ble houses are fun, the prospective owner should know the tricks of making and choosing building materials are cheap but quality. For example, if the marble is beyond the budget, we could try the method exposes unfinished or material (semen exposure) on the floor. Besides being more efficient, the cement floors always looks clean and not make it look greasy if not buffed. Walls can be given a similar method (brick exposure) so it does not need to be plaster and paint.

On the ceiling, prospective homeowners can make savings by allowing the concrete to ceiling. The remains of a ceramic material or other piece of material can be used as a collage on the wall, either indoors or outside, as an ornament.

Simple House Designs

Someone who likes the simple things will love the minimalist style house. Simple is a pattern of thinking, working, and a way of life. This is a new perspective in viewing design as a reflection of people's lifestyles practical, lightweight, and efficient.
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Simple house can have a more clear form and space despite relatively simple geometry. The impression can be made more robust and powerful with empty spaces that only comes a little furniture and ornaments. The simpler the concept, the quality of design, space availability and completion of the structure must be getting better. But keep in mind, if a house is built in the shape and structure is too simple, it looks boring and not attract attention. Therefore, planning is essential here.
Simple house does not necessarily always the standard box-shaped, but it can also form a fixed geometry farrago match. However, if the house has to necessarily have the form of a box, the box shape is the result of the need for function, not because of coercion or talkative follow trends. Simplicity is the main keyword, thus affecting the design and methods of manufacture.
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House Design Services

When we want to build a dream house, we would want the entire production process runs smoothly and produces the ideal home. To help achieve these expectations, we can use home design consultation services, in which the architects, interior designers, and other professionals are ready to provide ideas and development.
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Consulting firm providing architectural and design services design drawing buildings with diverse budgets and model homes. We can also use a personal idea or combine it with the ideas of the architect / designer. When consulting with the architects/designers, we need to provide data on the location where the house will be built, the list of space requirements, cardinal directions, positioning buildings and roads, as well as others. We could call the architecture and design consulting firm nearby, or you can also contact the service providers that operate online via the internet. In addition to more practical, it also saves time and effort.
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Small House Designs

For those of you who want a house but have little money or trouble getting wider as the amount of land is increasingly minimal, a small house is the perfect solution.

However, to design a small house so comfortably occupied a matter that is not easy. At least there are a few things you need to consider in order to realize the dream house in a narrow land.
house designshouse designs
Here are some things to consider.

1. Space restrictions

 Make permanent bulkhead to keep the room a little wider impression. Keep only the bathroom and bedroom are having partition walls (permanent) while others are just limited by room sideboard, bookcase, or a sofa. Too much insulation will only make the room cramped and claustrophobic.

2. Light

Let the free access of light into the house to get a sense of space. Make a high roof, large windows, and avoid using glass tiles, because it cannot absorb the light and cause the room to be hot and uncomfortable. If you want a light roof, use a glass box to let the light in and the room looks shady and warm.

3. Air Circulation

Smooth air circulation to dissipate heat in the house. Keep vents that facilitate the entry and exit of air. If the placement is not appropriate, ventilation air cannot guarantee much in and out smoothly. The air does not turn by itself, unless the pressure is high.

That's why you need to make a window / ventilation air intake can directly make out without deflected. Do not be tempted to spend the land to build the room. For convenience, you still need to have an open space in the back to allow for the air to come out (not trapped).

4. Wall Paint

In order to give the impression, use a light-colored paint such as brown, yellow, and soft colors that are nearly white. Avoid the use of white because it gives the impression of a cold, stiff, and formal. While dark colors will only make the room feel more cramped.

5. Furniture Color

Choose furniture that color as close as the wall color to create harmony and pleasing to the eye. In addition to color, size should also be considered. Look for furniture that is sized to maintain the flexibility of the area. Use a chair that meets the corner, such as L-shaped sofa, to minimize wasted space. Impression that the house is not crowded, use multifunctional furniture, such as beds that have drawers.

6. Small Garden

The house will look beautiful if there are garden on the front or inside. To park in the house, you can make a mini size as 1.5 x 1.5 meters, combined with the family room so that the impression is spacious and airy.