Tips for Building a Strong Foundation for Your Home

Author: Michael MThe foundation is the first line of defense against environmental factors such as floods and earthquakes that might hit your house. It helps to pass on the weight of the building to the ground thus making your house more stable.

The importance of a foundation cannot be overlooked whether it is for a new house or you are just building an extension. Even if you are buying an old house, you need to have it inspected to ensure that it has a stable foundation. You need also to make sure that the type of foundation you build is suitable for the type of property where you lay it. An engineer can help you to determine which the best type of foundation to use is.

The type of foundation will depend on the type of soil in the area you are seeking to build on. There are tests that are designed to establish what the load capacity for the different types of soil is. The presence of trees around the area will also influence the type of foundation to use. The engineer will recommend the foundation which could range from a simple technique to an intricate design.
You should make sure that the foundation is flat or level so that the weight can be distributed evenly. If there is no even distribution then cracks might emerge on the walls of your house. This can be unsightly as well as expensive to correct. The windows and doors might also not align properly if the foundation is not level. There might also be bumps and cracks on the floor as a result of the uneven foundation. These issues might manifest themselves later when you are almost finishing up your construction or while you have already lived in the house for a while. This might then be expensive to change at that stage and might even necessitate that you pull down the building.

The type of house you are building should also guide you in coming up with a proper foundation. For a simple residential house, you can have a shallow foundation. For multi-storey buildings such as flats then you need to have a deep foundation.

If you are building a concrete foundation, it is important to ensure that you get the mix right. The mix needs to be done properly so that the foundation can hold. You also need to ensure that the design is done properly so that there are no leaks into the concrete which can be damaging.
Of course it is important to seek the approval of all the relevant bodies before you begin your construction. They need to give the go ahead for your building plans and you need to endure that you follow them. A competent contractor can help you sort all this out since they have an experience with these authorities and they know what is required.
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